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Neighborhoods In NYC: Where Safety Measures Are Needed

NYC neighborhoods you should avoid going. (Photo: TimeOut)
NYC neighborhoods you should avoid going. (Photo: TimeOut)

Dangerous neighborhoods in NYC where caution should be observed.

NYC neighborhoods you should look out for. (Photo: NY Post)

NYC neighborhoods you should look out for. (Photo: NY Post)

Neighborhoods In NYC That Are Deemed Dangerous

Neighborhoods in NYC are said to be very aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Neighborhoods in NYC may just be a dream destination for people outside the USA.

We may see a lot of social media posts about how pleasing to the eyes are the neighborhoods in NYC. We may also see our favorite social media persons or those who are called influencers, posing in the neighborhoods in NYC, looking all glammed up.

Despite how aesthetic and nice neighborhoods are in NYC in general, it can’t cover the fact that crimes happen in these neighborhoods every day. During the day, neighborhoods in NYC may look warm, safe, and welcoming, but at night, who knows who or what is lurking behind the walls or what type of trouble is waiting down the roads?

Neighborhoods in NYC may just have all types of troubles. You may get robbed, assaulted, attacked, etc. while you are visiting the neighborhoods in NYC.

According to a published article by the Southwest Journal, the top on the list of the most dangerous neighborhoods in NYC are the neighborhoods of Hunts Point, Brownsville, and Mott-Haven. Crimes such as homicide, robbery, and sexual assault are all contributors to the high crime rate in these neighborhoods.

The U.S. Cities That Are The Most Dangerous

In a published article by the Visual Capitalist, some cities in the U.S. are deemed dangerous due to their high crime rates. Cities such as Bessener, Monroe, Saginaw, etc. made it to the list as one of the most dangerous cities in the U.S.

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