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Minnesota GOP Congressional Delegation Demonstrates Allegiance, bends his knees

Minnesota GOP congressional delegation bends the knee

The American governance system remains to be the spotlight for all the countries around the world and its various amendments and changes continue to surprise the entire world. Now there is one more basic question being spurge in the American system, which started about three years ago, whether power should be practiced by those selected by the people or it should be exercised by a would-be despot backed by a mob?

This question came into existence when Donald Trump, the previous president of America denied peaceful transfer of power and was in no state of leaving the white house backed by various illegal actions as charged by the United States Department of Justice.

Various fraudulent activities were preached as the popular votes were made to be ignored by the officials by the Defendants, voting was made by unconstitutional and illicit electors in favor of the Defendant, millions of voters were disenfranchised and dismissal of legitimate electors.

An entire dramatic show of “walk to the Capitol” was planned, but none of it happened, and no one was able to get anywhere near the Capitol, but a huge of his heated multitude pack paraded up there to browbeat violence against Vice President Mike Pence. And Pence was kept away by the Secret Service to safeguard him against the frenzied rabble.

South Carolina congressional Republicans split on objection to Electoral College results | South Carolina |

This was a clear exhibition by Trump that he could go to any means to keep the power in his hands, displaying all the traits of a desperate dictator. The 2024 election puts up a simple equation that if one favors Trump’s reelection, then one is also favoring the reelection of a desperate dictator.

Also, Trump takes great delight in the cowardice of anyone who as much as questions his lordship rule over the GOP before their unstoppable capitulation. Also, there are various reports that Trump keeps close invigilation on everyone who is against him or who didn’t cheer him up in his effort to topple down the lawfully elected government.

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