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Mike Lawler, 37, New York Congressman, Calls Out Democrats Over Handling of Surging Migrant Crisis

During a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing, Representative Mike Lawler (R-NY), criticized his Democratic counterparts’ response to the ongoing migrant crisis.
Mike Lawler, 37, New York Congressman, Calls Out Democrats Over Handling of Surging Migrant Crisis

Lawler called attention to the surge of nearly 10 million migrants crossing the US Southern border since President Joe Biden assumed office, denouncing the Biden administration’s failure to address the escalating issue.

“This Administration has failed miserably, miserably to deal with the migrant crisis,” Lawler emphasized during his impassioned speech.

Lawler, highlighting his own family’s immigrant background, criticized fellow New York Democrats for their initial silence on the crisis.

The New York congressman accused them of only reacting when the problem began affecting their constituencies directly.

“They say we’re a sanctuary State and a sanctuary City… and now because it has impacted them, they are complaining,” Lawler declared.

The congressman raised concerns about the impact of the influx of migrants on New York, connecting it to issues such as human trafficking, the flow of deadly fentanyl into communities, and escalating crime rates.

“This crisis is destroying New York City,” Lawler asserted.

Lawler further criticized the inefficient immigration system, citing lengthy processing times for asylum cases and outdated immigration policies.

“Immigration hasn’t been reformed since 1986… this is a joke,” Lawler exclaimed, advocating for a system based on economic needs rather than arbitrary caps.

The call to action came as Lawler urged immediate steps to secure the border, streamline asylum case hearings, and overhaul the immigration system.

“Let’s secure the damn border,” Lawler demanded.

Lawler’s poignant address concluded with a scathing criticism of the Biden administration’s handling of the crisis and a call for accountability from New York leaders.

“For Governor Hochul and Mayor Adams to act as though they’re shocked and outraged… give me a break,” Lawler exclaimed.

The impassioned remarks by Congressman Mike Lawler shed light on the urgency of the migrant crisis gripping the United States, particularly its ramifications on New York and the nation at large.

Lawler’s emotional plea underscores the gravity of the situation, highlighting the potential perils associated with unsecured borders, including human trafficking, the influx of lethal drugs, and soaring crime rates.

The failure to address this crisis comprehensively not only poses immediate threats to public safety but also raises profound concerns about the integrity of the immigration system and the nation’s ability to manage the ongoing surge of undocumented individuals.

The repercussions of inaction could profoundly impact communities, strain resources, and sow discord, emphasizing the critical need for swift, substantive measures to address this multifaceted challenge.

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