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Mega millions jackpot lottery ticket: On his birthday, he won $3 million in a lottery drawing

A Utah guy who has the same birthday as the country experienced a huge day on July 4, which is a significant day in American history. It was the day he unintentionally became a millionaire, which occurred this year.

Mega Millions Jackpot Lottery Ticket Winner

In the event that J. A month later, Refugio Gonzalez Almeida visited Idaho to cash mega millions jackpot lottery tickets; he was unaware that he was holding onto a $3 million prize.

Almeida disclosed to representatives of the Idaho Lottery that he traveled twice from Utah to Malad, Idaho, in July to buy Mega Millions jackpot lottery tickets for the jackpot drawing. Almeida stated that playing the lottery “is my hobby” and that this was not his first time doing so.

He purchased a mega millions jackpot lottery ticket for the Fourth of July weekend after driving back to Idaho because, like many other players, he did not win the initial prize.

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Almeida the Mega Millions Jackpot Lottery Ticket

Almeida returned to Malad on Saturday after losing the jackpot on Friday. I need a ticket for the Fourth of July, I thought, he remarked. On the following Tuesday night of the Mega Millions jackpot lottery ticket drawing, Almeida’s ticket matched the first five winning numbers but not the Megaball.

The third number on the ticket was the Megaplier, tripling Almeida’s winnings of mega millions jackpot lottery ticket from $1 million to $3 million. One month after his July 4th triumph, he returned to Malad to verify the status of all of his tickets. “I had only $2 and $8. After scanning this one, they instructed me to take it to the Lottery Commission. Almeida said while clutching the winning cheque, “So here I am.

Almeida informed the lottery organizers that he intended to invest the $3 million. “I’m depositing this immediately at the bank.” Before someone in Neptune Beach, Florida, earlier this month, the Mega Millions jackpot lottery ticket reached a game record of $1.58 billion.

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