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LuJuan Tucker: ‘Freedom of a Prisoner’ looking back to a four days freedom in the streets

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In an interview on Tuesday, a dangerous prisoner who managed to break out of a Missouri facility described how he did it. LuJuan Tucker stated from the visiting area of the prison, “If I can’t be free, this is where I want to be.” He rapped the lyrics of the polished song “Got Some Freedom,” with his chin on his chest and head shaking side to side:

We down the yellow ladder, and then… Poof!

LuJuan Tucker upper right, a dangerous inmate one of the five escapees from St. Louis Missouri Jail (Photo: CBS News)

LuJuan Tucker in SORTS facility before jailbreak

LuJuan Tucker and two other inmates, Aaron Sebastian and Kelly McSean, were being detained there at the time of the jailbreak on charges relating to violent episodes that took place in Farmington, a few streets away, at Sex Offender Rehabilitation and Treatment Services.

Few people use the chance to show their worth. The contentious state program known as SORTS is for those who have been civilly committed against their will as mental health patients like LuJuan Tucker following the completion of their jail terms for convicted sex offenses.

One of five inmates who escaped the St. Francois County Jail in January and fled without being apprehended was 38-year-old LuJuan Tucker, a native of St. Louis. The high-security SORTS institution houses sexually violent predators in advance of their potential behavior. The neighborhood believes that you are receiving treatment at SORTS, Tucker added. “They place you in SORTS to actually die.”

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The 4 days freedom of LuJuan Tucker

The fugitives appeared to be looking for their identification before speeding away when Ohio State troopers pulled over the automobile for a traffic infraction. After a few hours, law enforcement located and apprehended the trio. In an interview on the escape, LuJuan Tucker said to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, “Those were the best four days of my life.” “I realize this news is sad. In 20 years, I hadn’t been on the streets.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, a couple of inmates were able to leave the facility a few years prior to Tucker’s escape by taking advantage of a flaw in a metal sink and toilet assembly in a particular cell. LuJuan Tucker and four other prisoners replicated the same escape strategy.

Prior to the daily 10 p.m. Instead, the LuJuan Tucker and other escapees changed out of their prison uniforms and hid in civilian clothes while using a ladder construction workers would use to descend from the roof, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. According to reports, the group fled to a safe lot a mile away where they discovered a 2009 Scion TC with the keys inside, plenty of gas, electrical equipment, and other random goods that may be sold en route.

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