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Knowing the Most Dangerous Cities in Missouri: A Closer Look at Safety Challenges

Ranking Missouri's Most Dangerous Cities (PHOTO: Rod Shelley)

Missouri’s urban landscape reveals a concerning trend, with the most dangerous cities in Missouri emerging as areas of heightened caution.

Exploring the Most Dangerous Cities in Missouri

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The most dangerous cities in Missouri tend to share common threads, grappling with an assortment of crimes that include robbery, assault, property destruction, and vehicle theft. While the Show-Me State boasts numerous safe neighborhoods, the prevalence of high-crime cities and towns, like the most dangerous cities in Missouri, has the potential to disrupt both vacations and lives. According to Infoplease and the World Population Review, Missouri ranks seventh on the list of the most dangerous states, shedding light on the pressing need to delve deeper into these urban concerns. One of the most dangerous cities in Missouri, Bellefontaine Neighbors, stands out as a suburb of St. Louis with a troubling crime rate. In 2020, the city witnessed a staggering 1,021 crimes, translating to 98.59 offenses per 1,000 people. These figures underscore the urgency to address safety measures, particularly with a surge in violent crimes like aggravated assault. Another city that is one of the most dangerous cities in Missouri, Carthage, grapples with a distinct paradox. Despite its small population of under 15,000 residents, it has earned a reputation for a high crime rate, mainly fueled by drug-related incidents. Ranking ninth on the list of the most dangerous cities in Missouri, Carthage highlights the complexities of urban safety challenges that transcend population size.

The Most Dangerous Cities in Missouri Exposed

Ranking Missouri’s Most Dangerous Cities (PHOTO: Chris Duan)

St. Joseph, the eighth most dangerous city in Missouri, showcases the need for balanced attention to cultural attractions and security concerns. While its outdoor festivals and architectural marvels draw crowds, the city also contends with a persistent crime rate. A significant number of reported crimes, at 107.15 per 1,000 residents, emphasize the imperative for strategies to maintain public safety without compromising the city’s appeal. Union, a small town in Franklin County, is another entry on the list of most dangerous cities in Missouri. While boasting a low murder rate and a relatively small population of around 12,000 residents, Union grapples with a total crime rate of 108.32 incidences per 1,000 residents. This serves as a reminder that urban safety concerns are not solely confined to larger metropolitan areas. The spotlight on the most dangerous cities in Missouri underscores the critical importance of comprehensive safety measures. As residents and tourists alike seek to enjoy the state’s cultural, historical, and recreational offerings, it is imperative to strike a balance between fostering vibrant communities and ensuring public security.

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