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Knife Wielding Maniac Finally Arrested

Knife-wielding maniac arrested trying to drag his mom down NYC street by the hair to an ATM, threatening to kill her.

A knife-wielding maniac was busted in Midtown Manhattan Sunday morning after trying to drag his own mother by the hair to a neighborhood ATM while threatening to kill her, sources and witnesses told The Post.

The deranged man, who was not immediately identified by police, was collared by cops around 8:30 a.m. on West 43rd Street between Ninth and Tenth Avenues after a dog walker saw the disturbing incident and called 911.

“He had her by the back of the hair, pushing her,” witness Hannah Canerday told The Post.

“She was trying to resist but I asked if everything was okay because I didn’t see that he had a knife,” Canerday explained.

“Then he said ‘stop talking’ and said he was going to kill her,” she said. “Then I saw the knife when they walked past me, so I waved someone a little further down that something was going on and then I called 911.”

Two police officers were hurt while taking the man into custody, one who was slashed in the hand while taking the knife away from him, and the other suffering a knee injury, law enforcement sources said.

Photos from the scene show the suspect — draped in a bizarre red and blue body suit that resembles a jester’s outfit — handcuffed and placed on a stretcher and into a nearby ambulance.

A woman who appears to be the victim is seen speaking with a police officer.

Sources said the suspect emerged from a building clutching his mother’s hair and screaming at stunned bystanders to stay away.

“Don’t come near me!” he allegedly yelled. “I’m going to kill her.”

The NYPD said charges were pending.

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