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Intense Gun Battle Claims Life of a Utah Man Following Officers’ Shooting

Intense Gun Battle Claims Life of Utah Man Following Officers’ Shooting (Photo: Youtube)

After reportedly breaking an order of protection obtained by his ex-wife and firing on police, a Utah man was killed in a chaotic police gunfight. According to the Ogden Police Department, after officers responded to a 911 call from his ex-wife alleging the suspect was breaking a protective order, 36-year-old Brian Simonton started shooting at them.

Police Officer demanded Simonton to drop the firearm (Photo: Law and Crime)

Simonton was becoming increasingly threatening

The ex-wife of a Utah man identified as Simonton, expressing concern for her safety, made an unexpected call to 911 dispatchers. She revealed that her ex-husband, known to carry weapons and previously making suicidal comments, had arrived unannounced. Seeking assistance, she requested an officer to inform him of trespassing and to remove a sick dog he was trying to leave behind.

Another resident of the apartment complex dialed 911, reporting that the Utah man was becoming increasingly threatening and refused to vacate the premises. This caller emphasized Utah man’s possession of guns, expressing urgency in the situation.

On the arrival of the first Ogden police officer, he promptly recognized the Utah man holding a weapon. Alerting other units, the officer urgently called for reinforcements as he demanded the Utah man to drop the firearm.

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Intense exchange ensued

Suddenly, gunfire erupted, resulting in the officer being shot. Responding swiftly, additional police officers arrived at the scene, rushing to aid their injured colleague and prevent further harm. In the intense exchange that ensued, a total of eight officers fired their weapons, ultimately leading to Utah man’s demise at the location.

Investigations into the shooting are ongoing. At the time of his death, the Utah man had a history of domestic violence convictions and two active protection orders against him. A 45 colt revolver was discovered near his body, and security footage revealed his act of reloading the weapon.

The wounded officer underwent surgery and has since been released from the hospital, currently in the process of recovery. Authorities continue to delve into the details surrounding this police-involved shooting, striving to shed light on the events that transpired.

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