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I Am No Longer Working With WWE By Superstar Shocks WWE Universe

“I am no longer working with WWE”- Superstar Shocks WWE Universe with Abrupt Departure Announcement.

In an unexpected turn of events, Mustafa Ali has announced his departure from the WWE roster. The wrestling world was taken by surprise when Ali took to Twitter to share the news of his exit.

“I am no longer working with WWE,” Ali tweeted, followed by a grateful expression for the future. His initial tweet contained a typo, which he corrected in a subsequent message.

This revelation comes as a shock, considering that Ali was scheduled to compete against Dominick Mysterio for the North American Championship on NXT No Mercy.

Throughout his WWE journey, Ali garnered a dedicated fan following who hoped to see him achieve greater success. He made his debut with the company in 2016, but despite his talent and popularity, he never secured a championship. In 2022, the “Free Ali” movement gained momentum among fans, advocating for his release from WWE. Although he briefly departed, he returned later that year and engaged in storylines against notable wrestlers like GUNTHER before transitioning to WWE NXT, where he faced some of the brand’s top talents.

Ali’s final WWE match resulted in victory against Dragon Lee on September 5. He also made an appearance in an interview segment on the September 19 edition of the show.

As of now, WWE has not officially confirmed Ali’s departure from the company. However, PW Insider has independently verified that Ali is no longer affiliated with WWE. Notably, this departure is not linked to any talent cuts related to the WWE-UFC merger under Endeavor, according to Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful.

Stephen’s Insight:

As of the moment, WWE has not issued an official confirmation regarding Mustafa Ali’s departure from the company. However, reputable sources like PW Insider have independently verified that Ali is no longer affiliated with WWE. What’s particularly interesting is that this departure does not appear to be connected to any talent cuts related to the WWE-UFC merger under Endeavor, as reported by Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful.

The circumstances surrounding Mustafa Ali’s exit from WWE have piqued the curiosity of wrestling fans and insiders alike. It’s a reminder of the ever-evolving nature of the wrestling landscape and the unpredictability of talent movements within the industry. As Ali embarks on the next chapter of his career, fans will undoubtedly keep a close eye on his journey and eagerly anticipate his future endeavors, whether they are in wrestling or other creative pursuits.

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