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Homeless Perv Has Woman Ready To Ditch New NYC Pad

‘Timebomb’ homeless, neighborhood perv has woman ready to ditch new NYC pad.

A homeless man who’s allegedly been terrorizing women in the East Village for years has claimed his latest victim –  who is ready to ditch her new apartment because of the madman outside her doorstep, she told The Post.

Kenley Stevenson said unhinged vagrant Fritz Marseille jumped inside her waiting Lyft Sept. 30, just a day after she moved into the Second Avenue apartment, screaming as he was laying across the the back seat, “I’m going to have babies with you!”

Then two weekends ago, he allegedly chased her down at lunchtime.

“He popped out” at the corner of East 5th Street and Second Avenue, and “got up in my face and I ducked down. I stared him and he said, ‘Why did you duck! Why are you ducking? Why are you scared?,” Stevenson said.

When the “vagrant trailed her,” she said, she pulled out pepper spray and waved it to drive him away.

“I don’t want to take any further risks with this timebomb standing at my front doorstep,” said Stevenson, 24, a magazine writer who hightailed it to her family’s Long Island home the day after the Oct. 21 incident.

Homeless Perv Has Woman Ready To Ditch New NYC Pad

Marseille — who spent five months in jail last year for allegedly groping two women — hangs out between East 3rd and East 5th streets along Second Avenue.

He has been previously convicted of forcible touching and harassment.

His alleged M.O. is preying on women who ignore his advances. Stevenson found herself in his cross-hairs the day after she moved into her new digs, which she loves because “it has so much natural light coming in and a little outdoor area” for her 20-pound mini Labradoodle, Watson.

In the caught-on-surveillance video of the Lyft incident, Stevenson and her two roommates made plans to go to Gramercy to meet with friends for drinks and celebrate the move to the city.

The car was waiting outside the apartment at around 4:30 p.m.

Stevenson said she walked right out of the building and stepped into the Lyft, “minding my own business” and one of her roommates got into the middle seat of the back of the vehicle.

As the other roommate was getting into the rideshare, all of a sudden, Marseille was in the Lyft, “his stomach is on my roommate in the middle.

And his arms are grabbing me and he’s like, ‘You, you, you, you. I’m going to have babies with you! I want your babies!’” Stevenson recalled.

The Lyft driver leaned back with one arm, attempting to get Marseille off Stevenson’s roommate, while the other roommate was able to pull Marseille out of the car, get in and slam the door.

Stevenson said she sat in the car in stunned silence as a crazed Marseille stood against the car door yelling, “I’ll be here!” as he formed heart symbols with his hands and blew kisses.

A “shaken” Stevenson filed a police report at the 9th Precinct stationhouse on Oct. 1.

That same day, she googled “East Village and safety” and up popped a Post story about Marseille allegedly harassing two other women.

Stevenson sought out the accusers — who’ve become “such a good support system,” but they said, “We don’t want you to be afraid of living here, but he is basically right at your doorstep.”

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