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Hilary Clinton Warns Against Trump’s 2024 Win

Hillary Clinton warns against Trump 2024 win: ‘Hitler was duly elected’.

Hilary Clinton Warns Against Trump's 2024 Win

Hilary Clinton Warns Against Trump’s 2024 Win

Former first lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the wreckage from another Trump presidency would be “almost unimaginable” and likened the former president who beat her in the 2016 election to Adolf Hitler.

In an interview on ABC’s “The View,” Clinton said when she was secretary of State, she saw people who would “get legitimately elected” and then would try “to do away with elections and do away with opposition.”

“You could see it in countries where, well, Hitler was duly elected, right?” Clinton said. “And so all of a sudden somebody with those tendencies, so dictatorial authoritarian tendencies, would be like, OK, we’re going to shut this down.”

“Trump is telling us what he intends to do,” Clinton continued. “Take him at his word.”

Clinton’s comments come just days after a poll showed President Biden falling behind Trump in five battleground states, raising concerns among Democrats nationwide about the potential of another Trump win. Clinton said on the show Biden will be Democrats’ best hope for 2024.

The country is reeling from Trump’s policies and “deep divisions that he sowed,” host Sunny Hostin said of Clinton’s loss to Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

Hostin asked Clinton what she thinks would happen if Trump were to be elected again in 2024. Clinton responded that she thinks it “would be the end of our country as we know it.”

“You know, I hated losing, and I especially hated losing to him because I had seen so many warning signals during the campaign,” Clinton said. “But I immediately said, ‘Look, we have to give him a chance.’”

The former first lady said she thinks Trump was somewhat restrained during his tenure as president, and she believes that wouldn’t be the case if he were to be reelected.

“Everything that I worried about, I saw unfolding, and so I think that he’d be even worse now,” Clinton said.

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