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Henry Winkler Says USA Is At A Very Scary Moment After Trump’s Arrest

The star gave his opinion on former President Donald Trump’s recent arrest Saturday, while hosting a charity fundraiser at his Los Angeles home.

Henry Winkler Says USA Is ‘At a Very Scary Moment’ After Donald Trump’s Arrest: ‘Nobody is Above the Law’ Henry Winkler gave his opinion on former President Donald Trump’s recent arrest Saturday, while hosting a charity fundraiser at his Los Angeles home.

Speaking to The Messenger at This Is About Humanity’s 5th Anniversary Soirée, which he co-hosted with daughter and charity co-founder Zoe Winkler Reinis, the actor spoke frankly when asked about Trump’s latest headlines.

“This country is at a very scary moment,” he stated. “How can we so dislike each other just for having a point of view? That is insane…I mean, if you looked insanity up, that would be the definition.”

When pressed further for his personal opinion on the arrest, Winkler said, simply, “Nobody is above the law. Right?”

Winkler was a bit saltier on social media regarding the subject, posting on X the day of the arrest, “How will [Trump] use his mug shot to make money?” — referencing the now-infamous booking shot of the former president that went viral upon release.

He followed that up with another tweet, exclaiming, “The tee shirt is already for sale! Omg.”

Trump’s “Never Surrender” T-shirt is, indeed, currently for sale on his campaign site at the price of $34. Those who wish to advertise the opposite view can purchase punk band Green Day’s limited edition $35 “Nimrod” tee, which also utilizes the mugshot, but in a very different fashion.

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