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Governor Shapiro Opportunity for Small and Historically Disadvantaged Businesses

Advancing Pennsylvania’s Business Landscape.

Governor Josh Shapiro of Pennsylvania has wasted no time in fulfilling his commitment to enhance opportunities for small and historically disadvantaged businesses. In a groundbreaking move, he signed an Executive Order aimed at increasing these businesses’ access to state contracts and secured historic budget funding to support historically disadvantaged businesses.

Governor Shapiro Opportunity for Small and Historically Disadvantaged Businesses

A Pledge Delivered

During his first year in office, Governor Shapiro has taken significant steps to make Pennsylvania’s procurement process more accessible and inclusive. This action aligns with his promise to boost opportunities for small and small diverse businesses to compete for state contracts.

Historic Budget Allocation

One of the most noteworthy achievements of the Shapiro Administration is securing $20 million in state funding within the 2023-24 budget for small minority-, women-, and veteran-owned businesses across the Commonwealth. This landmark funding is a testament to the administration’s commitment to helping these businesses grow, create jobs, and build generational wealth in communities that have often been overlooked.

Expanding Opportunities through Executive Order

Governor Shapiro’s proactive approach to fostering economic growth led to the signing of Executive Order 2023-18 in September. This order is designed to increase opportunities for small and small diverse businesses to participate in state contracts. It also aims to streamline the procurement process and facilitate the growth of small businesses while creating well-paying jobs.

Redefining Small Business

As a result of the Executive Order, the Department of General Services (DGS) is raising the revenue limit for defining a small business from $38.5 million to $47 million. This expansion ensures that more small businesses can qualify for state contracts, further promoting inclusivity.

Advisory Council for Inclusive Procurement

Governor Shapiro’s commitment to inclusivity extends to the establishment of the Pennsylvania Advisory Council for Inclusive Procurement (PACIP). Chaired by Lieutenant Governor Davis, PACIP is tasked with advising Commonwealth agencies on how to make state contracting opportunities more inclusive and accessible.

Making Government Work for All

Under Governor Shapiro’s leadership, the Department of General Services (DGS) has made significant improvements to support small and small diverse businesses. These measures include reducing the time it takes to certify a small business by 33%, implementing a prompt pay policy for contractors, and hosting the first-ever Small Business Empowerment Summit.

Governor Shapiro’s dedication to advancing Pennsylvania’s business landscape is evident in his swift and meaningful actions. By opening new doors of opportunity for small and historically disadvantaged businesses, his administration is fostering economic growth, job creation, and a more inclusive business environment in the Commonwealth.

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