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Gardner Mother Who Willfully Violated The Rights Of Her 2 Daughters

The Gardner Mother Who Wrongfully Moved a Judiciary and Willfully Violated Rights of Her 2 Daughters.

Gardner Mother Who Willfully Violated The Rights Of Her 2 Daughters

The rights of a child must be free from abuse. Parental alienation is abuse of children.Photo by

GARDNER KANSAS – In a recent case that has shocked this nation, a mother in Gardner Kansas has found herself at the center of controversy and hot seat. By wrongfully manipulating the Kansas judiciary, she has unfortunately willfully violated the civil rights of her own minor daughters. The truth into the disheartening details of the mother in the United States District of Kansas federal case of 2:23-CV02176, is Janelle Leigh Escalante, age 40. The federal case is alongside a judge lawsuit, that sheds light on the consequences of such actions that are being disclosed in the Kansas high court.

Civil rights encompass the fundamental liberties that every individual, including children are entitled to, regardless of age, race, or gender. They are especially vital in safeguarding the rights of minors who are often more vulnerable than adults. The violation of civil rights can lead to severe consequences, hindering the physical, emotional, and psychological development of children. In the case of the Kansas mother, her actions have compromised these essential rights for her own daughters, an act that warrants scrutiny.

The Kansas mother’s actions involved misleading the state judiciary, resulting in a wrongful violation of her minor daughters own civil rights. By knowingly providing false information and misrepresenting her intentions, she undermined the integrity of the court system. Such deceitful tactics not only undermine the legal system but also jeopardize the welfare and best interests of the children involved. In the federal case of 2:23-CV02176, disclosures in Doc 12 and 13 line up with the disclosures in the Judge Paul William Burmaster lawsuit of 2:23-CV02741, and that this mother false claimed a protective order on July 08, 2022. Over a year, passed and the ex-husband forced to be the victim of it. The father undermined the fraud protective order in August 2023, after the judge was being discovered. The judge tried to extend the order of protective order and the father stopped the judge in his tracks and now the judge, the mother, and the opposing counsel are are sitting behind lawsuits in the federal court.

Parental rights are universally recognized as fundamental in society, serving to protect the relationship between parents and their children. These rights encompass a wide range of responsibilities, including providing for a child’s physical and emotional wellbeing, making decisions regarding their education and medical treatment, and ensuring their overall development. However, these rights are not absolute and are subject to legal boundaries that safeguard the welfare and best interests of the child.

The United States Constitution guarantees certain civil rights to all citizens, including minors. These rights serve as essential protections against abuses and injustices that may arise from various circumstances. The Kansas Mother’s actions appear to have deprived her daughters of these civil rights, inflicting potential harm and denying them the opportunity to exercise their autonomy.

In situations where a parent’s actions jeopardize the welfare and rights of their children, the state has an obligation to intervene and safeguard the children’s interests. The judiciary should and must carefully analyze the legal framework and rights at stake to determine the best course of action. While respecting parental rights remains important, they should never come at the expense of a child’s welfare and fundamental rights.

The Kansas Mother’s choice to violate her daughters’ rights raises critical ethical questions. It prompts us to reflect on the implications of parental decisions that deviate from accepted norms and societal expectations. Ensuring a child’s well-being should be the utmost priority for any parent, and any actions that contradict this principle must be scrutinized carefully.

The Mother’s decision to mislead an endeavor in the courts was against the father of her children but the concious was made along it to violate her own daughters’ rights has ignited a passionate debate surrounding the delicate balance between parental rights and the rights of the child. While parental rights are inherently important, they should not be used to inflict harm or deny children their fundamental civil liberties. It is the duty of society, the state, and the judiciary to uphold the rights of minors and protect them from potential harm caused by their parents. Moving forward, it is essential that we continue to navigate these complex issues in society as a whole with empathy, yes, in this Kansas incident justice is calling for disclipline on the mother alongside the judge. The conspiracy to interfere with civil rights in Escalant vs Escalante/Wilson/Bell Lloyd demands federal counts on the mother for judge coercion and manipulation, obstruction of justice and of course, Conspiracy to Interfere with civil rights of the father of her children, and her two daughters.

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