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From Breaking Into A New York Apartment To Stabbing It’s Owner And Her Dog

A chilling turn of events has rocked Washington Heights, New York City. A man previously charged with breaking into a local woman’s apartment is now the focus of a police manhunt, following the sinister shooting deaths of the woman, her friend, and her pet dog.

In April, Lenue Moore, 31, was arrested and charged with assault and attempted burglary. He allegedly forced his way into Jackie Billini’s apartment, resulting in her sustaining a broken arm, and attacked two other occupants. The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office indicates that Moore reportedly used a boot to break down the door, and in the process, injured two family members of Billini – one allegedly with a hammer.

However, the narrative takes a darker twist. Under half a year later, police are hot on Moore’s trail again. This time, it’s for a far graver reason. Billini, 57, alongside her friend, Levaughn Harvin, and her pit bull, Zeus, was fatally shot during a stroll. Eyewitness accounts depict a grim scene: a masked man, garbed in black and wielding an umbrella, approached the unsuspecting pair from behind and opened fire.

Local sources suggest an ongoing dispute over the dog might be the motive behind the gruesome murders. An informant mentioned, “Supposedly, the perp lives in the same building. An ongoing dispute involving the dog.”

To heighten the eerie atmosphere, neighbors shared that Billini invited Harvin on her evening walk due to fears surrounding Moore. Moore, despite facing heinous allegations, was out on a s

The community is in palpable shock. The discord between Billini and Moore purportedly began when Moore attempted to harm her dog earlier in the year. While Moore took residence at his mother’s apartment, sources mention he owns a house in the Carolinas.

The tragedy has left the local community reeling. A distraught neighbor, Jay, voiced his sorrow to local media, “It’s heartbreaking, she was a great woman… A beautiful person. She was caring, the kids loved her. She was a people person. Everyone around here knew her. She was always nice to everyone.”

As the investigation intensifies, the residents hope for swift justice.

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