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Fili’s Pizza delivery car slams into the ditch while delivering pizza

Fili’s pizza delivery vehicle was slammed into the ditches by a car on Sunday, 23rd of July.

Fili’s Pizza delivery car was rammed by another vehicle into the ditches (Photo: Kyuk)

Fili’s Pizza delivery slammed!

Sam Malone, the manager of Filli’s Pizza, received a call from his supervisor on Sunday, July 23. The courier’s vehicle had been driven off onto a tiny slope near the restaurant in the early hours of the morning.

Malone claimed the event may have occurred because the driver appeared intoxicated when he ran over the delivery car. The two cars crossed the incline, creating a dramatic spectacle for oncoming traffic on Osage Street. It was 5:55 am when the police came, and the driver was nowhere to be found in the area.

The delivery car driver, Malone, has already filed a report to the authorities about the incident, and the Fili’s Pizza owner has been informed that the delivery vehicle has been pulled out from the ditches by a former Fili’s Pizza employee. Currently, the police are making efforts to locate the sedan’s driver whereabouts as he is missing from the scene.

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Despite what happened Fili’s Pizza still delivers

They learned that the car driver who slammed Malone’s delivery car had no insurance, and Malone had to spend roughly $700 to tow the smashed car out. Malone was also hesitant to file a complaint despite being certain that the sedan’s driver owed him money as a result of what had happened.

Malone assured his clients that Fili’s is still delivering using another car despite the totaled delivery vehicle.

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