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Female Cop Shows Her Dance Moves In A Very Viral Video!

She’s New York’s Finest . . . dancer.

A newbie uniformed cop with oodles of swagger is kicking up a storm of controversy with at least three dancing videos posted online — including one where she boogies alongside a “turnstile jumper.”

One of Police Officer Josefa Familia’s choreographed videos shows her dancing in full uniform with a man — who is clearly in on the gag and actually paid the fare — right after he leaps a subway turnstile in front of her.

The video, which was posted Thursday by @almightyarcher and has garnered 195,000 views, shows the two dancing to the Rihanna song “If It’s Lovin’ That You Want.”

In the footage, the man jumps the barrier as Familia, 36, saunters through and busts a move along with the “scofflaw.”

In another video, Familia appears to help a man wearing MSCHF’s $350 Big Red Boots up after he pretends to fall up a flight of subway stairs before the two dance to Prinz, Gabriela Bee’s song “Highs & Lows.”

In a third video, Familia sashays up a short flight of subway stairs and dances with a man in front of a male cop to rapper Big Boss Vette’s “Can’t FWM.” The man then high-fives both officers.

Her dancing debut got mixed reviews.

“She is spending love,” a user called BernardFrancis239 wrote. “God bless you officer. Be safe empress.”

A user called Bodegaboy wrote: “We need more cops like her.”

“Nothing but good vibes,” user Creativeambitionz wrote.

But some of her brothers in blue weren’t supportive.

“You’re doing choreographed videos in transit while you’re supposed to be working and people are getting hurt every day in the subway,” one Manhattan cop fumed. “Everybody is pissed off about this. It’s one thing if you’re in community affairs, it’s another if you’re on overtime in the subway.”

Reached by phone, Familia, who has just over a year on the job, acknowledged she was in the videos but refused to comment further.

Familia has been stationed at the Upper West Side’s 24th Precinct, police sources said. She made $42,500 last year, online records show.

“This is absolutely disgusting,” a Bronx cop said. “How can an on-duty police officer make videos on social media while working when patrol officers are out there above ground risking their lives to protect New Yorkers?”

Added Retired NYPD Lt. John Macari on X, formerly Twitter: “Alright I’m all for having fun at work but this is getting a little ridiculous.”

Police sources said the officer was transferred over the videos, but an NYPD spokesperson said she wasn’t in trouble.

“We are aware of the video,” the spokeswoman said. “The officer will not be subject to discipline.”

The spokeswoman didn’t say whether the officer was transferred or if she had prior approval to make the videos, which could be part of an NYPD campaign to make cops in the subway seem friendlier.

Joseph Giacalone, a retired NYPD sergeant and adjunct professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, said the videos violated the department’s policy.

“Unless policy has dramatically changed, you’re not supposed to appear on social media while wearing a uniform unless authorized,” he said. “It’s an unprofessional look, especially with the spike in crime in transit over the past few years.”

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