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Escalated Sex Crimes And More Untold Child Trafficking Stories In Queens, New York

Child trafficking
Child trafficking cases are rising in Queens, New York. (Photo: Humanium)

More child trafficking stories are made in Queens, New York, as sex crimes have escalated.

Child trafficking stories

Child trafficking stories pile up after one another as sex crimes increase every day in Queens. New York. (Photo:

Child Trafficking Stories And The Struggle To Find Justice

Child trafficking stories are heard every day in Queens, New York, as their sex crime rate has gone up. Child trafficking stories of different children that were failed to be protected.

Child trafficking stories of undocumented immigrant children. Who did not have any choice but to commit to illegal work in order to live.

Child trafficking stories that are hard to hear especially when organizations that should be helping them are staying silent. Any resident in Queens, New York, or any part of the world may have child trafficking stories to share.

According to an article published by Arizona Daily Independent News, the open borders and the hands-off policy being imposed in the area resulted in a bolder sex market and more child trafficking stories. Sex workers have now no shame in displaying themselves in front of innocent minors. Children are even hired by them to pass on business cards to interested individuals which is just another addition to child trafficking stories in Queens.

Police Officer Charged With Child Sex Trafficking

In a related article published by Fox News, an Arkansas police officer was convicted to be one of the three suspects of child sex trafficking. He was charged with online solicitation of a minor. The three suspects allegedly posted a fake advertisement on a prostitution site. Even though the victim was underage, the three men still wanted to meet and pay for sex. The other two were also charged os solicitation of a minor as well as transporting marijuana and resisting arrest.

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