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E Bikes And Subsequent Road Accidents

‘I was terrified’: 7 On Your Side investigates after e-bike hits, injures child.

It’s one of the scariest issues now infecting New York City and if you walk the streets of the city, it has probably happened to you.
E-Bikes and scooters on the streets, in bike lanes, even on sidewalks. In many cases, they’re running red lights. There have been a lot of near misses and a lot of accidents.”You see these e-bikes are going everywhere not stopping,” said Betsy Reed.

The Manhattan mother knows firsthand.
Reed was pushing her two-year-old son Wyatt in a stroller when he was injured by one.
“My son basically flew out of the stroller and hit the ground and injured his head,” said Reed.
When the light turned green, she started walking her son across Broadway. Surveillance video shows an e-bike rider driving through a red light and striking her son.
“This delivery guy on an e-bike going full speed flying down the street and hit my son in a stroller, and the stroller flipped,” she said. What shocked her even more is what happened next.
“He got off his bike, and he was like, ‘Oh you know, I’m going to stop’ and then he just took off,” said Reed. “I was absolutely terrified.”
After getting checked out at the hospital, her son was ok. However, the accident could have been much worse, and they are happening more often.

More than 7,200 people were injured this year in an e-bike or scooter accident. Four hundred ninety-four of the injuries were people walking, which increased from last year.
“Where can we feel safe in New York City right now?” asked Reed.
Police are writing more tickets. Eyewitness News found they handed out quadruple the amount so far this year compared to the same time period last year. Tickets jumped from 179 in 2022 to 969 in 2023.
Councilmember Gale Brewer says the city isn’t going to ticket itself out of the problem and more needs to be done.
“This is not an easy situation, there are 65,000 delivery people, deliveristas, and people want their food,” said Brewer.
She filed two resolutions supporting state bills recently. The first would require all electric bikes and scooters used for business to be licensed by the state and employers be held liable for violations. The second would increase penalties for leaving the scene of an accident.
“We have to have more accountabilities on the apps and the person who’s delivering,” said Brewer.
As for Reed, she wants others to learn from her story.
“I definitely tell people that all of you guys need to be very careful now when you cross the street and just be super hyper aware of what’s around you,” said Reed.

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