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Donald Trump’s Lawyer Criticizes New York AG Letitia James

In a recent statement, Alina Habba, lawyer for former President Donald Trump, voiced strong criticism of New York Attorney General Letitia James. Habba addressed the media, expressing concern over a publicly filed document related to the valuation of Trump’s assets.

Donald Trump's Lawyer Criticizes New York AG Letitia James

The document in question outlines various valuation methods, including appraisals, capitalization of anticipated earnings, recent sales, and estimates of current values as determined by Trump and his associates. Habba emphasized the importance of interpreting market data and developing related estimates of current value. She also noted that these estimates may not necessarily reflect the actual amounts realized upon asset disposition or the payment of related liabilities.

Habba went on to express alarm over what she described as a “scary precedent” being set by the New York Attorney General. She criticized the use of a statute, 6312, against an individual, highlighting the potential for political motivations in James’s actions. Habba suggested that this could extend to personal businesses and even involve individuals’ children.

When questioned about Trump’s cooperation in his deposition, Habba assured the media that he would indeed cooperate. She also made it clear that the former president would not comment on the matter and that cross-examination would be conducted during the hearing.

Habba concluded her statement by simplifying the core issue, explaining that the case was not about valuation methods. Instead, it revolved around the omission of President Trump’s brand in the statement of financial condition. She emphasized that the removal of Trump’s name from a property like Trump Tower would significantly impact its value.

The lawyer’s comments shed light on a contentious legal battle between former President Trump and the New York Attorney General, raising questions about the use of legal statutes and potential political motivations.

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