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Deadpool Creator Refuses To Show Any Solidarity With A Fellow Comic Book Adaptation

‘It’s literally one of the worst films ever made’: Deadpool creator refuses to show any solidarity with a fellow troubled comic book adaptation.

It’s not great, but one of the worst ever? That’s debatable.

If anybody thought there was any sense of brotherhood or compatriotship in the comic book sphere outside the big two of Marvel and DC, then think again after Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld trashed 1997’s Spawn as one of the worst movies in the history of cinema.

It’s not great, let’s put it that way, but one of the single most abominable features that’s ever existed since the dawn of the motion picture? That seems a little harsh. Sure, it holds a 17 percent critical approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, a 36 percent audience average, and boasts some of the most dated CGI you’re ever likely to view through a modern lens, but it definitely has its fans.

There are folks out there quite literally willing to die on the hill that Spawn is an underrated, unsung, and overlooked cult classic, but you can infer from Liefeld’s no-holds-barred assessment that he won’t even consider entertaining that particular idea.

The title character has been trying and failing to reboot for the last quarter of a century, and Liefeld knows a thing or two about that having sat by and watched Ryan Reynolds spent a decade repeatedly attempting to drag Deadpool out of development hell before not just succeeding in his goal, but delivering the highest-grossing R-rated release of all-time twice over.

Todd McFarlane almost definitely will not accomplish that same feat whenever the do-over he remains determined to see through ends up happening, but according to Liefeld, it won’t take much to be the best live-action version of Spawn there’s ever been.

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