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David Muir Makes Utter Public Apology To Neighbors After Making Novel Discovery Near NYC Home

David Muir makes public apology to neighbors after making unexpected discovery near his jaw-dropping NYC home.

David Muir has a beautiful home in Manhattan , and likes to keep himself to himself while there.

However, the ABC star admitted to getting quite the surprise during his walk home last week, which resulted in him apologizing to his neighbors in the process!

Taking to Instagram, the ‘World News Tonight’ host shared a photo of a large poster advertising his daily news show.

“Apologies to my neighbors. Even I wasn’t expecting this on the walk home,” he wrote in the caption.

Fans were quick to comment, with one writing: “Nice photo! Well deserved, David! My husband and I love to listen to you on World News Tonight! Your a Very professional and caring person!!!” while another remarked: “David Muir, you are so humble and an honorable news broadcaster. Nothing should come to you, but good!!!” A third added: “I’d be happy to have that on my walk any day!”

David has been hosting World News Tonight since 2014, and holds title as anchor and managing editor.

The show is the highest-rated news show on broadcast or cable TV. It’s been an exciting year for David, who most recently took part in the New York Marathon in a relay team with his fellow ABC colleagues, including Robin Roberts , Deborah Roberts and Ginger Zee.

  • David Muir Makes Utter Public Apology To Neighbors After Making Novel Discovery Near NYC Home

What’s more, the TV journalist recently received the news that he would be awarded the prestigious Walter Cronkite accolade in 2024 – following in the footsteps of the likes of Al Roker, Gayle King and Anderson Cooper.

Upon hearing the news of his award, David said in a statement: “Walter Cronkite famously guided this country through some of the most trying moments in modern U.S. history and he did so by trusting his own compass, his deep commitment to journalism and the truth, and his willingness, in the darkest of times, to share his own humanity.

“To be honored in Cronkite’s name is not only deeply humbling, it’s a call for us all to live up to those standards especially when they’re needed most.” David always wanted to be a journalist, and previously told People about his journey reaching his dream goal. “I didn’t care. I thought Peter Jennings was the James Bond of evening news,” he told People.

David spent any extra time he had interning and contacting news outlets to seek out work with them. Speaking about his first position, he said: “I was 13 years old, I had written to the local news people in my town and they began writing back to me and that was my first visit to the TV station.

“I began interning, carrying the tripods, and the equipment. They hired me out of college. That was where my first job was, Channel 5 in Syracuse.”

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