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Danelo Cavalcante’s Incredible Escape From Pennsylvania Prison Is Captured on Video

The “extremely dangerous” murderer Danelo Cavalcante is seen in amazing footage scaling a wall to escape from a Pennsylvania prison yard last week.

Incredible Escape By Danelo Cavalcante From Pennsylvania Prison (Photo: BBC)

Danelo Cavalcante’s Incredible Escape From Pennsylvania Prison

Cavalcante, 34, was sentenced to life in Pennsylvania prison after being found guilty of brutally attacking Deborah Brandao in 2021 and killing her in front of her two young children by stabbing her 38 times. According to the Chester County District Attorney’s Office, prosecutors claim that Cavalcante had a valid arrest warrant out of his native Brazil for a murder. They also believe that he killed Brandao to keep her from telling the local police that he was wanted by Brazilian authorities.

While being incarcerated at the Chester County Prison in Pocopson Township, Pennsylvania, while awaiting transfer to a state institution to serve his sentence, he made his dramatic escape. at about 8:50 a.m. According to a video from August 31 released by the district attorney’s office, Cavalcante is seen scaling a wall in the Pennsylvania prison exercise yard.

As the hunt for Cavalcante continues, nearby residents have been admonished to exercise greater vigilance. His picture has been made public by the U.S. Marshals Service, which has also offered a $20,000 reward for information leading to his capture after his escape from Pennsylvania prison.

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Escapee from Pennsylvania Prison Is Captured on Video

Cavalcante can be seen in the 23-second camera tape moving approaching a doorway at the Chester County Pennsylvania Prison before looking over his shoulder and scanning the surrounding area, which was posted on the district attorney’s Facebook page on Wednesday.

He then pushes himself up the wall by putting his hands on one wall and his feet on another. The video demonstrates how he quickly scales the wall while remaining parallel to the ground. Although Cavalcante is not seen in the video on the roof, the Pennsylvania prison officials claim that he would have come across several layers of razor wire there.

According to Chester County Prison Active Warden Howard Holland, Cavalcante used a similar strategy to get out of the facility on May 19 as Igor Bolte did earlier this year.

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