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Collierville Man Faces Prosecution for Alleged Sales Tax Evasion Scheme in Bus Rental Company

Tennessee Authorities Vow to Crack Down on Sales Tax Evasion, Promote Tax Compliance (PHOTO: KoolShooters)

A Collierville man finds himself in legal trouble as authorities charge him with sales tax evasion in connection with his bus rental company.

Man Arrested for Alleged Sales Tax Evasion Scheme

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Daniel Cottrell, aged 55, was arrested by the Special Investigations Section of the Tennessee Department of Revenue following a meticulous sales tax evasion probe into his business practices. The investigation revealed that Cottrell allegedly falsified documents under his company, Luxury Diesel Coach Rentals, a Montana LLC, in an attempt to evade paying the required sales tax. According to Tommy Sneed, the Director of Special Investigations, the State of Tennessee is committed to holding accountable those individuals who attempt to sidestep their tax obligations through deceitful means of sales tax evasion. The alleged sales tax evasion actions of Cottrell, if proven true, would constitute a serious offense. The Shelby County Grand Jury indicted him on one felony count of tax evasion and an additional count of theft of property related to the falsified documents of sales tax evasion.

Tennessee Department of Revenue Uncovers Sales Tax Evasion Plot in Luxury Bus Rentals

Grand Jury Indicts Collierville Man on Charges of Sales Tax Evasion and Theft (PHOTO: JEShoots)

If convicted, Cottrell could face significant penalties. The sales tax evasion charges carry a potential maximum sentence of two years in the state penitentiary and a fine of up to $3,000 for the tax evasion offense. Additionally, he could be subject to a maximum of four years in prison and a fine of up to $5,000 for the theft count. The severity of these potential consequences underscores the state’s determination to maintain a level playing field and enforce the fair administration of Tennessee’s tax laws. The Tennessee Department of Revenue emphasizes its commitment to promoting voluntary compliance with the state’s tax laws through education and, where necessary, pursuing criminal sanctions against those engaged in fraudulent activities, such as sales tax evasion. Revenue Commissioner David Gerregano echoed this sentiment, highlighting the department’s continued efforts to ensure that all taxpayers fulfill their tax obligations promptly and transparently.

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