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Brooklyn Store That Sold $10M Lottery Tickets To Same Guy Twice Yet To Be Tipped

The insanely lucky winner of two, $10 million lottery tickets is apparently not a Marxist — he’s not spread a cent of his wealth with the staff at a Brooklyn gas station where he purchased both of them, the manager told The Post.

Multiple lottery winner Wayne Murray hasn’t yet tipped staff at H&A Gas & Convenience on Avenue H in Flatbush after winning either time, said manager Asim, who admitted he’s still dreaming of a tiny slice of the pie, especially since he gets no bonus from the state for selling the winning scratch-offs.

“The customer that won [is] a very nice guy,” Asim said Saturday. “He might comeback… so I am hopeful.”

Besides, business is picking up since Murray, 63, won a second $10 million Tuesday while playing the New York Lottery’s 200X scratch-off game.

In August 2022, he won $10 million playing the Black Titanium game.

“The store gets famous,” Asim said.

“I’ve seen new faces; some people keep coming asking [about the] lucky store. They say they will get their gas from here, so it’s good for the business, too,” he continued.

For both wins, Murray took the lump sum payout of $6 million each after taxes, according to lottery officials. The games each cost $30 to play.

Brooklyn Store That Sold $10M Lottery Tickets To Same Guy Twice Yet To Be Tipped

New York pays a $10,000 bonus to retailers who sell winning jackpots on Mega Millions or Powerball tickets, but not to retailers who sell winning ducats to other, smaller lottery games.

So H&A won’t be getting a piece of Murray’s millions unless he reaches into his own pocket.

Asim said he hasn’t seen Murray since his latest lottery haul, but perhaps that’s because the multi-millionaire has been too busy cruising around the Big Apple in style.

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