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Blind Woman With A Hoarding Problem Unknowingly Stayed With Estranged Son’s Corpse For Years

A Blind Woman Had Hoarded For Years, But Then Her Sister in law Saw A Sinister Shape On The Floor.

In a shocking turn of events, Josette Buckman stumbled upon a grim secret within her sister-in-law Rita Wolfensohn’s cluttered Brooklyn home. The house, plagued by hoarding and neglect, concealed a chilling mystery that has left the family and investigators baffled. watch video.

Rita Wolfensohn, legally blind and grappling with a severe hoarding compulsion, had lived in her two-story Brooklyn residence for decades. The exterior exuded the charm of a traditional American home, but inside, squalor and chaos reigned. In 2016, as Wolfensohn found herself hospitalized, Josette Buckman, her sister-in-law, undertook the task of gathering her personal belongings.

The stench of decayed food and heaps of trash greeted Buckman as she entered the home. However, nothing could have prepared her for the sinister shape she would encounter on a mattress amidst the chaos. What she discovered was beyond anyone’s worst fears—a skeleton, still adorned in its last earthly attire, lay eerily preserved.

The remains belonged to Wolfensohn’s youngest son, Lewis, who had vanished without a trace in 1996. Rita Wolfensohn, it seemed, had unwittingly shared her living space with her son’s body for nearly two decades. Investigators, while initially stunned by the macabre discovery, later confirmed that the circumstances surrounding Lewis’ death were likely natural. watch video.

In a bizarre parallel to some notorious cases of living alongside the deceased, Wolfensohn’s situation evoked memories of past incidents. Timothy Brown, for instance, shared his home with his father’s remains for up to four months. In a separate case in Buenos Aires, Claudio Alfari preserved his deceased mother’s body for an extended period, concealing her passing from concerned neighbors.

Unlike these cases, Wolfensohn’s family believed Lewis had simply moved out years ago, oblivious to the grim truth. The shock and anguish of the discovery left them reeling, with many relatives refusing to divulge further details. Wolfensohn, herself, was unaware of her son’s presence, having grown estranged from him over the years.

Today, Wolfensohn’s once-charming Brooklyn home stands as a haunting reminder of the tragic secrets it harbored. With Rita’s health issues, she has since been relocated to an assisted living facility on Long Island, leaving behind a property marred by neglect.

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