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Bizarre Underwear Choice Leads To Robber’s Arrest

Bold Underwear Choice Leads to Arrest of Queens Robber.

Bizarre Underwear Choice Leads To Robber's Arrest

Bizarre Underwear Choice Leads To Robber’s Arrest

Fathy HusseinPhoto byFelixChin/New York Daily News/TNS

Queens, NY- An armed robber’s fashion choice became a key factor in his apprehension after he and two accomplices targeted a smoke shop in Queens. Fathy Hussein, 30, thought his face was well-hidden behind a mask during the robbery on September 14 at a tobacco shop on 109th Ave. near 135th St. in South Ozone Park. However, his distinctive and brightly adorned underwear, visible above his sagging pants, proved to be his downfall.

Hussein and his masked cohorts seized cash from the register, CBD products from a glass display case, and the store employee’s cell phones before making their escape, according to federal authorities. Despite the attempt to conceal their identities, surveillance footage inadvertently caught Hussein’s undergarments, which featured a prominent white letter ‘R’ and the year 1990 in bold yellow numbers.

The breakthrough in the case came when an anonymous tipster informed the police that the thieves were attempting to sell their stolen loot. Crucially, the informant provided Hussein’s Instagram handle, setting off a chain of events that would lead to his arrest.

Upon further investigation, law enforcement discovered additional footage from the day of the heist, featuring Hussein with his face uncovered and unmistakably wearing the same eye-catching underwear. This visual evidence played a pivotal role in linking him to the crime.

On Wednesday, Hussein was apprehended at his South Ozone Park residence and now faces federal robbery charges. He is set to be arraigned in Brooklyn Federal Court. However, his two accomplices, one of whom wore a “Scream” mask, are still at large, adding an element of mystery to this unusual criminal tale.

Even the most careful criminals can be tripped up by unexpected details, in this case, a pair of bold and easily identifiable undergarments.

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