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Bidenomics 101: President Joe Biden’s Economic Agenda

President Joe Biden economic agenda is called Bidenomics. (Photo: NPR)

President Joe Biden is set to visit more places in order to share new knowledge and talk about his economic agenda, Bidenomics 101.

President Joe Biden's Bidenomics 101 is set to be shared to other people from different place as he is planning to visit more places. (Photo: Fortune)

President Joe Biden’s Bidenomics 101 is set to be shared to other people from different place as he is planning to visit more places. (Photo: Fortune)

Bidenomics 101 Talk By President Joe Biden

President Joe Biden is expected to visit places in order to have a Bidenomics 101 talk. This Bidenomics 101 talk is done to share know knowledge about his economic agenda.

The Bidenomics 101 talk is scheduled to be done in places such as Arizona, Mexico, Utah. The Bidenomics 101 talk is expected to share knwoledge about his investments in clean energy in order to mitigate the effects of climate change.

The Bidenomics 101 talk is also said to justify the fact that President Joe Biden’s plans are working. Inside the Bidenomics 101 talk would also be the 13 million jobs created by his regime.

According to an article published by The Fiscal Times, President Joe Biden hopes to regain the industrial might through his plans like having the Bidenomics 101 talk. The Bidenomics 101 talk is said to be a good start for the country’s economy.

An “Anti-Globalization” Move From The U.S

In a published article by Manila Times, the president of the United States, Joe Biden, has ordered an executive order on Wednesday. This executive order was about the prohibition of the making of different forms of investments in some parts of the Asian country, China. The capital of China, called Beijing, treats this move from the country, the United States, as an anti-globalization type of move.

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