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Belly Fat Exercises Mistakes You May Be Doing

Belly fat exercises and the mistakes you may be doing as a beginner. (Photo: Women's Fitness)
Belly fat exercises and the mistakes you may be doing as a beginner. (Photo: Women's Fitness)

Doing belly fat exercises can be quite tricky, especially for beginners, here are some tips on how to not make mistakes whilst doing such exercises.

Mistakes you make during belly fat exercises and may hinder your progress. (Wellness52)

Mistakes you make during belly fat exercises may hinder your progress. (Wellness52)

Belly Fat Exercises Common Mistakes

During certain lower abdominal exercises or belly fat exercises like the hollow hold or planks, it is important to avoid arching your back. Arching the back puts pressure on the lower back and reduces engagement of the lower abs during such belly fat exercises.

To prevent this when doing belly fat exercises, keep your legs at an angle and press your lower back into the floor or mat during the hollow hold. Similarly, while doing planks when doing belly fat exercises, make sure your belly doesn’t sink too much and cause your lower back to arch.

Instead, according to a published article by Health Digest, while doing belly fat exercises, drop to your knees and tuck your tailbone, imagining the top of your pelvis moving towards your spine in a slight posterior tilt. Doing this in belly fat exercises will help work your core and protect your lower back.

More Belly Fat Exercises Tips

In a published article by Eat This Not That, core exercises are very much needed to successfully do belly fat exercises. Excess body fat should also be take care of in order to achieve your dream physique.

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