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Audrey Hale, the Nashville Christian school shooter, had a coded message scrawled on her clothing and anklet

The Nashville shooting took place within an area containing 200 individuals. With no apparent reason for the shooting and no clear target in mind, the shooter started shooting at students and workers. Six people were reportedly dead.

The gunman on the Nashville shooter wrote cryptic messages on her clothing and anklet according to the autopsy report (Photo: The guardian)

Nashville shooting took place

A total of 6 people were killed at a Nashville shooting and said to be 3 students and 3 staff. According to the report of PBS, the Nashville shooting happened inside the building where 200 people were. The shooter opened fire on students and staff with an unknown motive and targeted the shooting.

At around 10:15 am the shooter was reportedly found dead after they called the police. Other students were transported to the other location of the school. It was said that the shooter is identified as Audrey Hale, a 28 years old transman. It is believed that the Nashville shooting was very well planned by Hale as police found a map of the school with accurate details.

During a search of Hale’s residence, investigators discovered a sawed-off shotgun, a second shotgun, and other unidentified pieces of evidence.

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Nashville shooting cryptic message

According to an autopsy report, the Nashville shooter’s coded signals were discovered in Hale’s clothing and anklet in late March, just before she passed away. What was written on Hale’s clothing is unknown, and this information was now made public as the city is being sued for public documents to have access to Hale’s statement and additional writings that police uncovered at the crime scene and her parents’ home.

The dagger she was carrying had the name Aiden written on it. The report also noted that Hale was sporting a plastic anklet bearing the number “508407.” With a gunshot wound, bruising, abrasions, and minor blunt force trauma, it was ruled to be a homicide.

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