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Weather News

Anticipated Heavy Snowfall and Strong Winds to Affect the Midwest on January 8th and 9th

Extreme Weather Conditions are shown in Midewest by the National Weather force.

A powerful storm is expected to impact the Midwest from Jan 8th night to Jan 9th night in different rounds with the expectancy of the 2nd round being much stronger. Chicago is set to be mostly impacted by the 1st round of storms which is likely to bring 2-4 inches of snow in the northern Illinois’ area. The 2nd round is expected to bring widespread heavy snowstorms with breezy winds in the region of northern Illinois’. 

The weather forecast implies that the main impact will be Heavy snow in the region with rain showers, mixed precipitation, and sturdy winds. US weather updates: Blizzard and winter storm warnings issued across 10 states - Hindustan Times

There is still uncertainty in the level of moisture that will return northwards from the Gulf of Mexico into the parts of the Midwest, particularly Texas and the Mississippi Valley, and how far it will reach in the North direction. 

NOAA’s Storm Prediction Centre has issued a level 2 out 5 risk for Monday, Jan 8th for parts of coastal East Texas, including Houston southern Mississippi & Alabama, and other regions of the Midwest. 

Merlin stated on Fox Weather, “Early indications from the Storm Prediction Centre are always worth giving a lot of respect to because it’s a good indicator of the direction the forecast is trending.”

Photo by Fox weather

Overall forecast points in the direction of having very strong wind shears, with multiple rounds of storms that hold the potential to produce both tornadoes and damaging winds. This severe warning is expected to continue on Tuesday, Jan 9th, into the parts of the Midwest like Florida, Georgia, etc. 

The storm is expected to affect the central plains on Jan 8th and Jan 9th. The cyclone is expected to bring strong mid-level winds, with the low-level jet aligned with the upper-level jet streak with its maximum force and further bringing heavy snow to the Midwest region. It’s expected that at the same time, Arctic Air will slow down allowing for a range of temperature which ensures continuous snow accumulation. The heavy snow is expected on Jan 9th, 2nd round of the storm with the track of the system. Strong winds and snowfall are set to lower the visibility with dangerous traveling conditions.

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