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Anti Semiti Attacker In NYC Jailed After Violating Generous Plea Deal

Attacker in anti-Semitic mob beating in NYC jailed after violating ‘generous’ plea deal with illegal pot shop arrest.

One of the attackers charged in the anti-Semitic mob beating of a Jewish man in Midtown was hauled to jail on Tuesday after getting arrested again for operating an illegal pot shop on Staten Island, blowing the terms of his sweetheart plea deal .

Faisal Elezzi, 27, was supposed to get off with just three years probation after he pleaded guilty to the hateful beatdown of Joseph Borgen, 31, during heated clashes between Israel and Palestine supporters on May 20, 2021.

Instead, Elezzi will now serve 60 days behind bars after he was busted in June for selling marijuana illegally, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Felicia Mennin ruled during a hearing Tuesday.

The judge called him out for violating the “extraordinarily generous” deal from the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office – and suggested Elezzi should open up a dispensary if he wants to sell weed legally.

“I just want to apologize to your honor. I understand what happened and I agree. I violated your promise and I’m sorry about that, I would be angry too,” Elezzi said.

His defense attorney, Peter Verby, tried making a last-minute plea to sway Mennin, saying that the Staten Island District Attorney’s Office had ultimately decided not to prosecute the illegal pot case.

The judge didn’t want to hear it.

Anti Semiti Attacker In NYC Jailed After Violating Generous Plea Deal

“He was the owner of an illegal pot shop and he was caught with five pounds of marijuana, not a couple of joints,” Mennin said.

“He violated the terms of the promise and that’s that.”

Elezzi — who pleaded guilty to assault in the third degree as a hate crime on April 24 – also apologized to his victim, who wasn’t present during the sentencing hearing.

“I wish Mr. Borgen and his family were here so I could apologize, shake his hand and everything,” Elezzi said.

Anti Semiti Attacker In NYC Jailed After Violating Generous Plea Deal

Outside the courtroom, Elezzi told The Post he only went to the 2021 rally in the Diamond District because he wanted to have fun, noting that supermodel Bella Hadid was there .

“I went there the first day Bella Hadid was there. I was there to have fun – not to fight with an innocent poor man who I didn’t even see,” he said.

“I saw him on the floor already. I didn’t see a yarmulke – the poor man was already on the floor. That’s why I have sympathy for him.”

Anti Semiti Attacker In NYC Jailed After Violating Generous Plea Deal

The melee began when a pickup truck full of Palestinian flag-waving protesters ignited a firework from the car into a crowd of Israeli activists.

Borgen, who was wearing a yarmulke, was pepper-sprayed by a group as they hurled anti-Semitic slurs at him.

He suffered a concussion, a black eye and injuries all over his body.

Borgen previously slammed DA Alvin Bragg’s office for letting his attackers off easy, including Waseem Awawdeh – who allegedly said in jail that he would “do it again.”

Awawdeh was sentenced to 18 months in prison on June 13.

Two other defendants — Mahmoud Musa and Mohammed Othman — copped to a charge of second-degree assault as a hate crime for their roles in the vicious assault earlier this month.

Manhattan prosecutors said at the time that the pair face a sentence between 3 1/2 to 15 years behind bars in exchange for the guilty pleas.

They are slated to be sentenced on Oct. 25.

Elezzi, following his sentencing on Tuesday, said he hopes for “peace for everybody” in the wake of the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel.

“Politics isn’t really my thing,” he added.

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