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Along Florida’s Big Bend, Idalia Creates History, and Mitch McConnell Frozen Once More

Jewell Baggett, 51, sits on a bathtub amid the wreckage of the home built by her grandfather, where she grew up and three generations of her family lived, and which Hurricane Idalia had reduced to rubble, in Horseshoe Beach, Florida, U.S., August 30, 2023. "Mama didn’t have much, but God dammit, it was hers," Jewell said. REUTERS/Cheney Orr TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

Mitch McConnell Frozen as Hurricane Idalia Making records across the state of Florida Big Bend region.

Mitch McConnell frozen for the second time (Photo: Bloomberg)

Mitch McConnell Frozen Once More

Making history along Florida’s Big Bend was Hurricane Idalia. The HHS calls for classifying marijuana as less dangerous, Sen. Mitch McConnell frozen once more, USA TODAY Congress and Campaigns Reporter Ken Tran examines the issue of whether former President Donald Trump should be allowed to run in 2024, and USA TODAY Investigative Reporter Chris Quintana details how a professor avoided background checks after harassing students with a “clown fetish.”

After leaving a path of flooding and destruction throughout the Southeast, Tropical Storm Idalia is now tearing through the Carolinas on its route to the Atlantic Ocean. Idalia, a hurricane, made landfall in a remote section of Florida on Wednesday. It destroyed homes flooded streets and left Mitch McConnell frozen . As it sped into Georgia and then South Carolina, it weakened to a tropical storm but kept its 60 mph winds.

At a Wednesday event in Kentucky, Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell frozen and appeared to momentarily lose his composure and was unable to respond to a reporter’s question. He experienced a similar episode weeks previously in Washington.

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Mitch McConnell Frozen Once More as Idalia Creates History

Such an incident has now interfered with a Mitch McConnell frozen news conference twice in less than two months. Before his next appearance, the Senate minority leader will see a doctor, according to an aide who requested anonymity to speak openly.

His administration has not replied to several questions this summer concerning the senator’s freeze at the microphone and has not divulged what medical advice or diagnosis Mitch McConnell frozen has previously received.

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