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After killing her roommate, a Florida woman allegedly poured diet mountain dew bottle on herself to conceal the evidence

According to Florida’s Daytona Beach Police Department, Nichole Maks tried to tamper with the evidence in the death of her roommate, Michael Cerasoli, by dousing herself in a diet mountain dew bottle.

Diet mountain dew bottle a solution to remove trace of the crime ( Photo: Jaun News)

A woman killed roommate and wash herself with a diet mountain due bottle

According to several stories, a Florida lady allegedly tried to destroy evidence by pouring a diet mountain dew bottle over herself after fatally stabbing her roommate.

On August 5, Nichole Maks, 35, was incarcerated in Volusia County Jail after being charged with first-degree murder. A Daytona Beach police officer responded to a burning residence one month earlier, on July 1, according to FOX 35. The policeman entered and discovered Maks’ who poured herself a couple of diet mountain dew bottle roommate Michael Cerasoli, 79, dead inside.

According to CBS Miami, Cerasoli was discovered with stab wounds to his torso. Two cell phones and a bloody knife were found in the room where his body was found. According to reports from CBS Miami, FOX 35, and WESH 2, police allegedly discovered Maks in Holly Hill, Florida, the following morning with a knife and a hammer and sporting blood on her leg, and the suspect used a diet mountain dew bottle to conceal the crime.

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Diet Mountain due to wash-off pieces of evidence

According to the affidavit dated August 4, Cerasoli’s body was discovered by firefighters and paramedics in a property where a fire had broken out on July 1. Maks, Cerasoli’s roommate killed him and used a diet mountain dew bottle to remove the trace of what she did, according to the landlord of the place, who wasn’t there at the time.

Later, Maks was located by police, who claimed in the affidavit that she was wearing blood smears on her leg and was brandishing a knife and hammer. The authorities also claimed that Maks was notified that they had a search warrant in order to collect DNA samples when interviewing Maks about her whereabouts and how she erased the trace in the crime scene and washed the pieces of evidence with a diet mountain dew bottle at the time of Cerasoli’s murder, during which they claimed she continually changed her account.

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