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Affordable Steak and Lobster Restaurant Opening New Locations

Affordable Steak and Lobster Restaurant Opening New Locations

Affording meals are becoming more and more difficult to come by these days. Trying to find a restaurant that offers quality ingredients without paying an arm and a leg for it is a game of “Where’s Waldo.” Even fast food restaurants have experienced price surging, and family meals that once might have gone for 20 bucks are now closer to $50. To help combat the high cost of eating out, one local chain in greater Phoenix has designed its entire business structure around providing quality foods at affordable prices. This includes lobster and steak. And now, the chain has announced two new Phoenix-area restaurants will open in the coming months.

Since opening in 2021, Angie’s Lobster has been all about giving customers high quality meals with high-end ingredients for an affordable price. To do this, the brand cuts down on all of the expenditures. It is a drive-through-only establishment, with no paper receipts, and the kinds of foods offered are limited. Where other restaurants have expensive overhead due to a large number of ingredients, Angie’s Lobster uses only Maine lobsters with a handful of ingredients.

The restaurant’s spin-off establishment, Angie’s Prime Grill, follows the same game plan, using three cuts of meat, six flavor styles, as well as a selection of organic and premium products. While the menu has a total of 54 items, it is mostly mixing and matching the handful of products, which keeps the price point down. It is why an organic chicken or USDA prime top sirloin steak meal costs just $9.99 (while the wild-caught Mexican shrimp meal costs $10.99).

Two new locations are opening around metro Phoenix. Today, December 18, the first of these new locations is opening at 4326 West Thunderbird Road in Glendale. It is open from 6:30 AM until 9 PM (the restaurants do not take cash). The second location, coming next year, will be at Indian School and 32nd Street in Phoenix.

If you have never been to Angie’s Prime Grill before, when you pull into the drive-through you will order the kind of protein you want. In addition to the organic chicken, USDA prime steak, and shrimp, you can order a surf & turf option (steak and lobster tail) for $18.99. From there, you decide if you want it in a bowl with seasoned brown rice, in a grilled flour tortilla (with seasoned brown rice), or in a salad with organic romaine lettuce. From there you choose your flavor style, which includes Mexican, Cobb, BBQ, Harvest, Greek, and the seasonal flavor.

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