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“A rapid buildup” pet boarding and daycare flood in Washington D.C. killed several dogs

A Humane Rescue Alliance official said Tuesday that ten dogs perished after flash flood waters overwhelmed a pet boarding and daycare in Northeast Washington, disclosing for the first time the death toll from the terrifying tragedy the day before.

Pet boarding and daycare flood in Washington D.C. killed several dogs (Photo: People)

Pet boarding and daycare in Washington D.C flood

In a brief phone conversation with a reporter, Samantha Miller, a spokeswoman for the Humane Rescue Alliance, gave the number of fatalities after the flood in a pet boarding and daycare.

In a statement released on Tuesday, the organization claimed to be in charge of the animal’s remains and to be assisting families in making plans to pick them up. The flooding in pet boarding and daycare was caused by severe rainfall, according to D.C.’s fire chief, who did not give a specific number.

Chris Schindler, vice president of field services at the Humane Rescue Alliance, said, “Our hearts go out to the families who lost beloved pets in yesterday’s tragic flooding in a pet boarding and daycare Northeast.”

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Numerous dogs died at a pet boarding and daycare flood

Residents who grumbled that more ought to have been done to stop the catastrophe in a region that is prone to flooding grilled city authorities as cleanup crews sifted through the debris at a pet boarding and daycare on the 600 block of Rhode Island Avenue NE on Tuesday. The same dog daycare was submerged in water during a storm a year ago this month, prompting workers to rescue puppies and remove potentially hazardous items off the floor.

According to D.C., firefighters extricated numerous workers, 20 dogs, and the District Dogs building in northeast D.C. John Donnelly, chief of EMS and fire. How many dogs perished in a pet boarding and daycare during the flood is unclear according to Donnelly. He praised the staff members’ brave acts in saving numerous canines from inside as water quickly rose to nearly six feet at the facility’s doors and a glass partition collapsed.

Pet boarding and daycare have been contacted by USA TODAY for comment. One of the five District Dog facilities in Washington, DC, is located in the northeast.

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