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A lawsuit filed by Larry Nassar’s victims alleges crucial evidence was intentionally withheld by the State of Michigan

The victims of Larry Nassar have filed a lawsuit, alleging that the State of Michigan purposefully withheld important evidence. The people who have been harmed by the action have expressed a tremendous deal of outrage over it.

Larry Nassar’s victim filed a lawsuit for an alleged release of documents. (Photo: Law and Crime)

Larry Nassar Victims Sued Michigan State

Former Michigan State University athletes who claim they were harmed by Larry Nassar have filed a lawsuit, alleging that the university’s trustees violated state law by secretly voting to conceal thousands of papers pertaining to the disgraced team doctor.

The complaint requested that the board hold a public vote before deciding whether to reveal the materials or keep them hidden. MSU stated on Thursday that it has nothing more to add about an ongoing lawsuit. The materials are protected by the attorney-client privilege, the school claimed in April.

After being found guilty of repeatedly sexually abusing young female gymnasts while serving as a team doctor, including Olympic gold medalists Simone Biles, Aly Raisman, and McKayla Maroney, Nassar was given a sentence of up to 175 years in prison in 2018. After being repeatedly stabbed in prison by another prisoner, Nassar was in stable condition earlier this month.

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The victims of Larry Nassar

In a lawsuit filed on Thursday based on abc NEWS, women who had been sexually assaulted by former Michigan State University sports physician Larry Nassar claimed the university had made “secret decisions” about the disclosure of information in the case.

According to the survivors and parents’ group, the lawsuit is meant to hold the university accountable, not to demand money. They claim that the institution withheld emails pertaining to the board of trustees’ deliberations and later failed to turn over more than 6,000 documents for an investigation into how Nassar was permitted to get away with his actions. According to the school, the records are shielded by the attorney-client privilege.

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