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15 Years And Still No Trace Of The Kids Who Had Disappeared Into Thin Air

15 years and still no sign of Sasha, Selah, or Jarib. One of New York’s most puzzling cold cases.

Mysterious Disappearance: 15 Years and Still No Trace!

Three individuals from New York, including a young mother and her baby, have been missing for almost 15 years. Their strange vanishing act has left authorities puzzled, with few updates and even fewer answers.

On February 15, 2008, Sasha Davis, 30, set out on a journey from New York City with her three-month-old daughter, Selah Davis, and her friend Jarib “Griff” Bennett, 27. Their destination? Rochester, New York, a trip that should have taken roughly five and a half hours by road. Sasha, a resident of New York City, and Jarib, hailing from New Jersey, had rented a car for the trip. Their intention was to visit friends and reportedly collect a considerable sum of money.

A chilling aspect of the case is the timeline. Although they were expected to return on February 19, the last contact anyone had with the group was on February 18. Nine days after their anticipated return, on February 27, their rental car was discovered abandoned in southwest Rochester. The location, near Genesee Valley Park on Genesee Street, provided few clues to the trio’s fate.

Public data on the case remains scant. However, in a shocking twist, an obituary for a “Jarib Bennett” appeared in 2017. It detailed a man with a matching birthday, New Jersey residence, and family details. Could he be the same Jarib Bennett from the case? The online community fervently debated the likeness of the provided photograph.

The upcoming 15-year anniversary of the disappearance has reignited public interest. Online true crime forums are rife with speculation about the relationship between Sasha and Jarib, with some questioning if they shared more than just a friendship. Yet, no concrete evidence has emerged from official sources.

Although years have passed, hope remains alive for Sasha’s family. Disturbingly, they reportedly weren’t even aware she’d be traveling with Jarib. Rumors of Sasha having a boyfriend at the time add another layer of complexity, but no confirmation exists.

At the time she vanished, Sasha was described as standing between 5 feet 5 inches and 5 feet 7 inches, weighing about 120 pounds. Distinctive features include a mole near her right eye and tattoos on her left breast and right calf. If she were alive today, Sasha would be 45 and her daughter around 15.

The New York City Police Department’s Missing Persons Squad is urging anyone with pertinent information to come forward. They can be reached at (212) 694-7781, with the agency case number being 08-3236.

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