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14 Year Old Girl Decides On Skipping School And Meeting An Older Man, Hasn’t Been Seen Since

Brooklyn, NY – In the year 1999, the bustling streets of Brooklyn, New York, became the backdrop to a perplexing mystery that has left a family in agony for over two decades. Leanne Marie Hausberg, a 14-year-old girl, vanished without a trace after skipping school to meet an older man, leaving her loved ones desperate for answers: Where is Leanne?

Leanne’s family was a tight-knit unit, consisting of her mother, Robin, stepfather, Alan, and twin sisters, Danielle and Nichole. Alan had been a father figure to Leanne since she was a toddler. At 14, Leanne had a boyfriend named Matthew, a 15-year-old who resided in Florida. Described by those who knew her as a somewhat extroverted teenager, she had a penchant for pop music and found solace in writing during her spare moments.

The Weight of Responsibility

Tragedy struck the Hausberg family when Robin suffered a debilitating stroke in September 1998. Overnight, Leanne was thrust into the role of a surrogate mother to her younger siblings, a responsibility that took a toll on her mental well-being. As a result, Leanne began to skip school and her academic performance suffered. She withdrew from her family and kept her emotions and struggles hidden.

At the age of 13, Leanne acquired a peculiar wristwatch, raising her parents’ curiosity. She disclosed that she received it at a party hosted by her friend Marilyn. It was at this gathering that Leanne met a 19-year-old man named Barry, who was allegedly distributing watches to young girls in attendance. Concerned, Leanne’s parents insisted she return the watch, an action she reluctantly undertook. Curiously, Marilyn remained tight-lipped about Leanne’s case, refusing to cooperate with Alan’s inquiries.

The Fateful Day – March 18, 1999

On March 18, 1999, Leanne’s life took a sinister turn. She failed to attend school and never returned home, causing grave concern among her family. Alan, taking matters into his own hands, initiated his own investigation, tirelessly seeking information from neighbors, local business owners, Leanne’s friends, and anyone who might have crossed her path. Despite his relentless efforts, Leanne remained elusive.

During the search, Alan stumbled upon a secret diary hidden in Leanne’s room, revealing her inner turmoil. In its pages, she expressed a desire to run away or relocate to Florida to be closer to her boyfriend, Matthew. However, the diary also unveiled other complicated relationships, including one with an 18 or 19-year-old named Deive.

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