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Man Receives 16-Year Sentence for Woman’s Tragic Death in 2021 Police Chase and Shooting

Sean Beck Faces Consequences of Tragic Police Chase (PHOTO: South Western Times)

49-year-old Sean Beck faced the consequences of his actions during a heart-wrenching incident that unfolded during a police chase back in 2021 in a tearful courtroom session on Thursday.

Sean Beck Faces Consequences of Tragic Police Chase

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The incident with police chase, which took place nearly two years ago, involved Beck hitting and killing a woman while driving a stolen vehicle and exchanging gunfire with officers. The harrowing events with police chase unfolded on July 28, 2021, in Keizer, Oregon. Keizer Police were initially called to a parking lot on River Road North in response to a report of a stolen vehicle. Dash cam footage presented in court revealed Beck’s defiant actions as he refused to cooperate with law enforcement and proceeded to fire a gun at officers, sparking a dangerous shootout and police chase. In the chaos that followed the police chase, Beck sped away from the scene, running a red light and tragically colliding with and killing a woman identified as Dietzel, who was crossing the intersection of River Road and Cummings.

Details of the 2021 Police Chase and Shootout Unfold in Court

Judge Delivers Verdict Sentencing Beck to Over a Decade in Prison for Involvement in Police Chase (PHOTO: Criminal Attorney Richard Mcguire)

Throughout the arduous legal proceedings, Beck was confronted with a myriad of charges, ranging from manslaughter and attempted aggravated murder to unlawful use of a weapon, theft, police chase,  and DUII. Ultimately, he chose to plead guilty to 10 counts, including the charge of manslaughter. As the sentencing day approached, a somber atmosphere enveloped the courtroom as Beck sincerely expressed remorse for his actions and the profound loss he had inflicted, including the police chase. While the judge’s verdict may offer some solace to the grieving family of the victim, there is no denying that the anguish stemming from this heart-rending event will persist, leaving an indelible mark on their lives.

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