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Cardano Might Hit a New ATH Before This Month End


Key Points:

  • Cardano Vasil hard fork is a big deal
  • Cardano DeFi ecosystem is growing faster
  • Bitgert might surpass the Cardano performance

The Cardano team is doing a lot that is expected to skyrocket the coin performance. According to crypto analysts, Cardano might leap big from the upcoming bear run and its upcoming developments to skyrocket its price to a new ATH end of this month. This means Cardano has to surpass the current ATH, which is $2.9676, in the next few days.

But how is this possible? Well, Cardano has shown that it is a coin that can deliver a fast price rise. As one of the blockchain projects with real utility, Cardano is making moves that will increase its mass adoption. The Cardano team is already working on developing products that are going to grow the Cardano project adoption in the next few weeks.

Among the biggest Cardano developments coming up is the Vasil hard fork, an upgrade that is expected to make the Cardano chain more scalability. The Cardano Vasil upgrades will also introduce other features that will grow Cardano chain adoption. The Cardano Hydra is another upgrade that is already getting a lot of attention.

The fast-growing Cardano DeFi ecosystem is another factor that is projected to push the Cardano price to a new ATH. However, Cardano will need to compete with Bitgert (BRISE) and other attractive crypto projects to reach this new ATH. Bitgert is one of the projects that are experiencing massive adoption today. In fact, Bitgert is getting Cardano investors’ attention with its attractive project. Here is more about Bitgert:


Bitgert has continued to impress crypto investors with its fast-growing ecosystem. The Bitgert ecosystem is the fastest growing right now, with the team launching multiple products and projects. The short timelines for delivering Bitgert roadmaps have been the most attractive thing about Bitgert.

The Bitgert team delivered the roadmap V1 in the first 200 days, which included the building and launching Bitgert BRC20 blockchain, the world’s zero gas fee blockchain. There are many more Bitgert projects launched in this roadmap. The Bitgert roadmap V2 is what attracts thousands of investors because of the game-changing products it is delivering.

The roadmap has multiple Web3, NFT, and DeFi products, including a CEX, Web3 oracle, Bitgert NFT marketplace, and many others. These are products projected to skyrocket Bitgert adoption. The Bitgert Startup Studio is also adding 1000+ new projects to the ecosystem. Note that Bitgert has partnered with Centcex to add more products to the ecosystem.

In conclusion, Cardano has a tough competitor in Bitgert. The Cardano team will need to deliver a more attractive crypto project than Bitgert to reach a new ATH.

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